Saturday, 6 April 2013

Birthday Bunny & Sealife Centre

 Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying having the kids off for two weeks. The first week I felt so ill ( cold or flu) so we didn't do anything, just stayed in the warm watching films. While I was feeling ill, I couldn't sit there doing nothing, so I stitched this free Margaret Sherry kit called Birthday Bunny. I hated doing the back stitch on this it was really hard. Saying that it does look good now.  
 Then yesterday I started feeling a lot better so we made these Gluten Free Easter nest cakes with the left over mini eggs.
 My husband has 5 days off work, which is really good because it matches up with the kids time off. So today we made the most of it and headed to Brighton for the day.
We decided to visit the Sealife centre. If you ever go make sure you have lots of £££ for parking.   
 Sophie outside.
 Colorful fish.
 More fish lol.
 You can touch the star fishes, crabs and sea urchins.
 Help, my beautiful girl is stuck in the fish tank!
 The ceiling of the Sealife centre is really pretty, all lit up in changing rainbow colours.
The best fish of all: Nemo (from finding Nemo).
We had a really lovely day and got lunch on the way home.