Saturday, 27 July 2013

Brittany France holiday

I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore! as I haven't been writing on it or stitching but I will keep it going to look back on things we have done.
We have just got back from our Holiday in Brittany, the weather was great.
 Waiting to get on the night crossing.Plymouth to Roscoff , a 7 hour crossing :0D.
 Someones excited.
 At the beach Benodet.
 Hot hot hot.
 Mr crab's.
 Sophie and me.
 A head LOL.
 Danny and me.
 The kids pool.
 Cooling off.
 View from sun lounger.
Me and my husband.
 Sophie and me.
 At the bar, having one to many tequila sunrise's .
 Me and Katie.
 Sophie and Danny.
 The bar.
 Us in the pool.
 On the beach.
 Down the slide.
 Roscoff town.
 Benodet at night.
 Sleepy head's on the way home after a great summer holiday!
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