Saturday, 21 September 2013

Birthday Time ; D

 The Birthday at home (on the day).
 Cake number one.
 Make a wish.
 Me and Simon at the party (today).
 Stephen and Esther.
 At the Laser and bowling party.
 Me and the kids.
 Esther and Sophie.
 Pizza and chips.
 My big girl.x
The second cake (all gluten free).
Happy Birthday Sophie, love you!
I'm hopefully going try doing daily you tube video's and starting a new blog.  

Friday, 16 August 2013

This week Airbourne Eastbourne & nanny's

 This week went to the Air show on the beach.They had loads of different planes, I took a few photo's of the Red Arrows.
 We loved watching them, they are so loud! 
 Flying over Eastbourne pier.
 A little clip of Sophie watching the show.
 Someones happy.
 A great show.
 The scary Lion lol.
 We also went to see nanny and grandad.So I took a couple of photos in the garden.
 Sophie in nanny's garden.
 Beautiful garden.
 Nanny, Sophie and me.
The other week we took my MIL to get a new fridge freezer, And she asked me if I wanted a chest freezer.I said yes, so she got me one as well :D.I have wanted one of these for ages but just never got round to buying one.So that was a nice surprise.It is almost the weekend so I'm looking forward to going to see Monsters University.

Monday, 12 August 2013


 Sophie and Josh at the library show.
 A Boa constrictor.
 A Tortoise.
 Bearded dragons.
 A day out at Eastbourne sea front, just Sophie and me .
 A picnic at the Punch & Judy show.

 Mr Punch.
 Then we sat on the beach.

 Had a lolly to cool us down.
 Posing again!
 Me and my girl.
 A sand sculpture.
 At the park sitting by the lake.

 Then on to the play park.
 Another day, another park!

 and another picnic.

 Chilling in Stephens room.
 Stephen and his message from Esther lol.
 Katie starting her new job.
 Going to see Despicable me 2.
 Today at at Brighton beach.
 DADDY and Sophie.
 My princess in a boat.
 On the rides.

 Trying to eat our lunch.


 Me and Sophie.
 Me and Simon.
 The Kiss.
 Brighton Pier.
 Brighton wheel.
 Shark tails on the big screen on the beach.
 Another park in Brighton.
 Under the rainbow.
Tomorrow we are off to nanny and grandads : ).